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All about Belief in Qadar

00:00 The importance of belief in Qadar (destiny)

03:32 Is it appropriate to talk about Qadar (destiny)?

06:03 What is Qadar (Destiny), Qada (Decree) and Partial Free Will?

09:19 Is belief in qadar (destiny) one of the essentials of being a Muslim?

14:02 Why cannot we understand the issue of qadar (destiny)?

32:19 Is man a prisoner of qadar (destiny)?

1:05:52 Is man doomed to his destiny?

1:12:49 What is partial free will?

1:30:40 What is the meaning of "goodness comes from Allah and badness comes from His servants"?

1:39:29 Does Qadar (destiny) change?

1:49:00 Is marriage qadar (destiny)?

1:53:06 If the Killer had not Killed, would the Killed have Died?

1:59:55 Why do we come to this world since it is definite in qadar (destiny) that we will either go to Paradise or Hell?

2:13:07 Sealing of hearts and qadar (destiny)

The worst disaster of the 21th century is unbelief and not giving belief due importance. However, belief comes before the deed because it may be possible for the people to whom Allah shows His benefaction to enter Paradise without doing good deeds. However, nobody can enter Paradise without belief. Belief is the indispensible key to heaven.

A sin can be forgiven by Allah but a small error in belief is not forgiven; and this situation causes the destruction of a lot of good deeds. Therefore, we must understand belief very well and we must know the essentials of the faith with their evidence.

Belief in qadar is an issue that many people cannot understand. The following questions can come to the mind of almost all people:

-Does qadar change?
-Why am I considered to be guilty since Allah recorded in my qadar that I would commit sins?
-Is marriage also qadar?
-Why is the murderer considered to be guilty since it is written in the qadar of the person that he would die?
-Would the murdered have lived if the murderer had not killed him?
-Since it is recorded in our qadar that we will go to Paradise or hell, why are we tested in our life?
-Can I change my qadar?

These questions and many other similar ones can come to the mind.
The most important cause why people do not understand qadar is the lack of the knowledge about Allah because qadar is related to the knowledge of Allah and the pre-eternity of Allah. If we ask a person who does not know this issue well, “Is Allah pre-eternal?" This person answers as "yes" and when we ask "what is the meaning of being pre-eternal?" the person will answer this question by saying, "Being pre-eternal means Allah has no beginning." The incompleteness of this answer, that is, inability to know the meaning of the pre-eternity of Allah leads to misunderstanding. Here, the fault belongs to the person who does not know Allah well and who even does not try to know Allah. This person suffers the consequences of this fault by the pains caused by the questions which he or she cannot answer. Moreover, sometimes, as a result of disinterest in Allah, this person can lose belief and the bounty of Islam.

Our aim is to attain the consent of Allah by explaining the issue of qadar to the hearts and minds wounded by the issue of qadar. In this work, you will find answers to all questions that you may have wondered about regarding the issue of qadar. We will explain qadar and answer all questions about it with the certainty of "two times two equals four” without confusion and without doubt. Help and grace is from Allah.

The Concept of Qadar in Islam / Predestination / The Mystry of Divine Decree

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